The Siri couple in Blora bought Rp. 1.5 million from the mosque’s charity box || Blorainfo

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BLORAINFO – The Blora Sector Police, the Blora Regional Police, succeeded in arresting a male and female couple who were suspected of committing the crime of stealing money from a charity box.

The two suspects are RW, a man from Banjarejo District, Blora Regency, and RK, a woman, from Blora District, Blora Regency.

Blora Police Chief AKBP Fahrurozi through the Blora Police Chief AKP Yulianto revealed that the incident started with reports from residents on Sunday (26 February 2023).

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Namely, at around 03.30 WIB in the afternoon at the AT TAQWA Mosque on the land of the Tempelan Village, Blora District, there was a crime of stealing the mosque’s charity money.

“Starting from residents’ reports, we mobilized a criminal unit led by Ipda Sukimin Criminal Investigation Unit to conduct an investigation,” said AKP Yulianto on Wednesday (15/3/2023).

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He explained, after carrying out an investigation, the two suspects were finally arrested while in a boarding house in the Rembang district.

“We secured the two perpetrators in the Rembang Regency area while in a boarding house,” explained AKP Yulianto.

AKP Yulianto explained, the modus operandi in carrying out the theft was that the perpetrator left the house to look for targets and after getting the target was a charity box.