Issues of Identity Politics that Potentially Trigger Rifts in Society || Blorainfo

Politik Identitas yang Berpotensi Memicu Keretakan di Tengah Masyarakat

Blorainfo – The National Agency for Combating Terrorism (BNPT) revealed that there are new political parties affiliated with the terrorist network.

Information from the head of the BNPT is in line with Vice President Ma’ruf Amin’s statement some time ago.

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The Vice President stated that the Indonesian intelligence community is wary of the infiltration of radical groups that ride identity politics.

Apart from the issue of identity politics which has the potential to trigger rifts in society, interference from terrorist networks is also a threat that must be watched out for.

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“This is one of the tactics of affiliated networks, including intolerant groups, to be part of our democratic party,” said BNPT head Boy Rafli.

“I really asked the BNPT to take anticipatory steps, especially in the face of the General Election, the Presidential Election.

Don’t let radical groups then use it by for example pushing for identity politics,” said Ma’ruf.