Two residents of Temulus Village, Randublatung District, Blora Regency, became victims of a lightning strike || Blorainfo

The location of the lightning strike was in the rice fields of Temulus Village, Randublatung District, Blora Regency

Blorainfo – Lightning struck two Blora residents in a rice field, their ears were bleeding, one person was killed.

Due to the incident, one person died named Jasiran (54), while the other victim, Jadi (58) was treated at the Randublatung Health Center.

Randublatung Police Chief, AKP Les Pujianto revealed, the incident started at around 12.30 WIB, the victim and his neighbors around 10 people left for the rice field owned by Jiman (45), a local resident.

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“Arriving at the scene, everyone went down to the fields to pull out the rice seeds to be planted (Ndaud, a Javanese term),” said AKP Les Pujianto to, Friday (17/3/2023)

.AKP Les Pujiantom said that at around 13.30 WIB it was raining heavily accompanied by the sound of thunder and flashes.

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“After that, the witnesses saw and found victim I (Jasiran) lying down and not moving,” said AKP Les Pujianto.

“Meanwhile, the survivors experienced headaches, felt dizzy, nauseous and received treatment at the Randublatung Health Center,” continued AKP Les Pujianto.